The Wellness Challenge (English)

The Wellness Challenge (English)

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My 30-Day Challenge Like Never Before! Join me on my WELLNESS Journey!

WELLNESS is the act of practicing healthy habits on a daily basis to attain better physical and mental health outcomes, so that instead of just surviving, you're thriving!

Let’s embark on this journey together!

Don’t know where to start? My workouts are designed to fit your schedule! Just 30 minutes of daily exercise can have a positive impact on your overall sense of well-being and help improve your mood.

On-demand daily workouts you can do anytime, anywhere

We include a custom meal plan based on your specific goals. By adding wholesome ingredients to your plate, you’ll be taking steps towards becoming a healthier you.

You Asked for It! New Workouts, New Features, New Support & For the First Time Ever, My Personal Recipes!


This challenge begins on Monday  January 11 and you will gain access to all support.

No matter what your goal is, we have an option for you!

And the best part? Access to the #TEAMNOEXCUSES Community!

You might join for the dream body but stay for the community! Members say our private support group is the highlight of the challenge. Connect with like-minded motivated people from all over the world 24/7. Real People. Real Results.

Here’s How It Works

-Sign up is quick and easy with immediate access to all support & nutritional content -This challenge begins on Monday January 11 and you be notified via email with a one-click access link

Start your workouts! Once you begin with us, you will not want to stop -Follow your meal plan! We make it simple to know what to eat and when.

-Enjoy a different workout every day! With this much variety and community spirit, you will never get bored -See results right away! With NO EXCUSES, you see immediate progress -Come back for more! New challenge released every 6 weeks, we keep it fresh & fun.

Challenge is available to access for 6 months! 

Join me in your own WELLNESS journey – NO EXCUSES!


No matter what your goal is, we have an option for you!

Suitable for all fitness levels, guaranteed to challenge you

Workouts designed to fit your schedule, as little as 30 minutes needed!