The Wellness eBook (English)

The Wellness eBook (English)

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This Ebook is not a Challenge, let me explain to you!!
  • You will get immediate access to
    all exercises and nutritional
    information that is currently
    available in the Wellness
  • If you purchased the Wellness
    Challenge you do not need to
    purchase the Wellness Ebook
    since you already have access to
    the content available
  • The Ebook is separated into 4
    weeks, but there is no official
    start/end date – you can
    complete on your own time
  • You do not need to submit
    pictures to us with the purchase
    of the Ebook, but you are more
    than welcome to keep yourself
    accountable and share with us if
    you would like to!
  • There will not be a questionnaire
    or meal plan with the Ebook
    because of the discounted price,
    and there is no option to add a
    meal plan to the Ebook at this
  • With the purchase of the Ebook
    you are not eligible for the
    Wellness Challenge Prizes. This is
    only for those who have
    participated in the Challenge
    from Day 1
  • As always, feel free to email
    if you
    have any questions – we are here
    to help!
No matter what your goal is, we have an option for you!

Suitable for all fitness levels, guaranteed to challenge you

Workouts designed to fit your schedule, as little as 30 minutes needed!


1. Sign up is quick and easy with immediate access to all support & nutritional content

2. Start your workouts! Once you begin with us, you will not want to stop

Follow your meal plan! We make it simple to know what to eat and when

3. Enjoy a different workout every day! With this much variety and community spirit, you will never get bored

4. See results right away! With NO EXCUSES, you see immediate progress

Come back for more! New challenge released every 6 weeks, we keep it fresh & fun.