about yarishna ayala

Yarisha is a young 26 year old Puerto Rican woman. She is a strong and positive human being that works hard each day to fulfill her dream. She started in the fitness when her twin sister became pregnant. Before that, both of them were professional “Salsa Dancers” known as “The Mulatas del Sabor”. They participated in the reality show of Marc Antony and Jennifer López called “Q viva the Cosen”. In Puerto Rico, Yarisha started to compete in the bikini category, winning all her competition in Puerto Rico. From there, she went to the United State to compete and find new opportunities in the world of fitness.

In 2013, she obtained her Pro Card in the National Juniors at Chicago, becoming the 1st bikini Puerto Rican to obtain a Pro Card in less than a year of competing in that sport. Her dream is that her testimony will serve as an inspiration to other young people. That is why, on a daily basis, she thank God and gives all the glory and honor to him. She also recognize that with God in her life, nothing will be impossible.